Ramblings of a Mom
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2001-10-02 02:55:06 (UTC)


Well, here it goes. I've never done this before, so be
patient with
I began this because someone else had one. I have had a
tendency in the past to just write down feelings or even
just drown them in alcohol when they get too heavy in the
past. Maybe this will be more productive!!! We shall see.
Okay, here's the scoop, I am 28 years old and a born-and-
bred Texan girl. I am recently divorced, and have one
child, and that child is my absolute lifesaver, so to
speak. When all else fails, as though of us who are
parents know, they seem to be that never-dimming light at
the end of the tunnel. He is still a preschooler, but he
is the one thing that I can look forward to each and every
day of my life!
Okay, here goes the not-so-fun stuff, I am, as of today,
unemployed. I have never been unemployed within the last
12 years!!! I know that I can find something else to do,
it's just a matter of deciding what and going for it! Next
strike against me, I am currently without a boyfriend, or
shall we say, significant other. My boss gave me this book
called, "Smart Women, Foolish Choices", I think that she
was trying to drop me a hint!!! lol Well, admittedly, in
the area of boyfriends, I haven't exactly made the most
informed decisions!!
Case in point, I am messaging with a gentleman right now
that I dated, I got scared when he got serious (yes, I got
scared, not the guy!!!) and I ran. Well, now I am somewhat
involved with him, probably more than I want to admit, and
he is with someone else.
Since my now, ex-husband, is living with the female that he
left me and our child for, and he is making noise to try to
come back to us, and another person that I have seen since
our separation turned out to be a MAJOR liar. Well,
needless to say, I haven't made very good decisions of the
heart. God only help me!!! Anywho, I will be back, talk
to ya soon!