.Scream Your Dream.

Emo Violence
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2001-10-02 02:35:03 (UTC)

Today was An Adventure

Caity lied, she lied to my face today, Straight to my face,
she said she never kissed will, said she didnt call him at
1am in the morning asking for him to come over, sais
nothings going on between them, bull shit, then why is she
crying and why is Jeremy crying, and why is everything so
fucked up. its so wrong. everythings so wrong anymore.

i went to mark's today after school cause will called me on
my cell and told me to meet them there, what a weird
afternoon, they jammed, we gossiped about you know who, and
anywy, after playin the usual death metal covers and all,
mark's mom pulls in, This is where hell breaks loose, she
FLIPS out at Jarred, i mean Spazzes cause he is cussing in
the mic, so we are outta there in A FLASH, so all of us
(yes there was 7) pile into matt's car, that tiny little
POS, yeah, that means 3 in the front 2 bucket seats (matt
driving, me on jarred's lap - dont ask) and then crammed
inteh back was mark, sam, will, and ryan. it was freakin
crazy, what's that 2 or 3 over the legal limit, who knows,
so we chill there a little mroe, that was decnet, way home,
6 people in will's car, unneccesarily i sit on jarred's lab
again -yah still- dont ask. cause i dont know what the
fuck is going on.

i never realized how much im in love with beautifil
acoustic music, it makes me wish i could sing for the life
of me... And all the Best deceptions and the clever cover
stories go to you, so kiss me hard cause this will be the
last time i will let you... and this awkward kiss that
screams of other people's lips

youre calling too late, too late to be gracious you do not
warrant long good byes your calling to late your calling to

speaking of awesome acousitc, feeling left out is playing
friday now, adam has redeemed him self, so i promised him a
present for his b-day

i better scratch this kit.

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