Deb's messed up life
2001-10-02 02:30:17 (UTC)

busy day and a new friend

I just had an amazing talk with Lizzy on the phone that
made me appreciate her much more as a friend than I had
before. We talked, I mean we actually talked. About
issues, our opinions and feelings... some good stuff. I'm
totally seeing her from a different point of view now that
I am starting to understand where her emotions come from
and why she acts the way she does. And she totally gave me
some insight on the "me and Aaron" situation that was
really helpful. I'm really enjoying how this is all
starting and I'm looking forward to a close relationship
with my new 'good friend'. I'm glad that I have someone to
talk to now. Well, I always have Aaron to talk to no
matter what but since the breakup, it's hard to talk to
Aaron about Aaron. I'm getting another perspective and it
really makes me happy that someone loves me enough to
listen and to care about me. That's all I have to say
about that.