2001-10-02 02:23:30 (UTC)

"Big Pimpin!"

Yesterday, my mom, sister and I went to my mom's friend's
house in Carson. Those houses out there are nice! They're
big pimpin out there. Some of those houses had to be
atleast $1 million. We saw this one house that had a big
basketball court and a gazebo in the backyard. Well, that's
all we could see. Then, another one had this big
waterslide. I was like, "Damn!" I wish I had it like that!

Today, I was walking behind Robin and he stopped to wait
for me. He was talking about how he went ot the movies
yesterday and he wanted me to go with him. Then I was
like, "Well, if you had my phone number then you could've
called me." He was like, "I know. I'll get it tomorrow." He
told me he was looking at my last name in the phone book
and was trying to decide whether to call. I was like, "What
a dork!" So, he said he'd try to come in the library a
little early tomorrow so that he can get my number and so
we can talk. How cute!

Today after school, this guy and girl were fighting. He was
all hitting her. I was like, "What the hell is he doing?!"
Robin was like, "Damn, they're fighting!" Then, I guess she
went to go get her brother, Kenny. He was on the football
field for practice because plays on the varsity football
team. Everyone was like, "N*gga, you better run!" Me,
Nicole, and Reyna had to go because her mom was waiting for
us. So we didn't see the conclusion. Kenny needs to kick
his ass. Who did he think he was putting his hands on a
girl like he's crazy!

Well, I guess I'll go now. I'll talk to y'all later. I miss
Jessie and Josh, the 2 brothers that I worked with during
the summer. Especially Jessie, with his fine ass. I
remember everyday he'd make me laugh. And he'd always be
like, "Man, why are French people always mad?" I guess I
looked mad all of the time or something. Dang, those were
the days.