Blonde And Dangerous
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2001-10-02 01:51:19 (UTC)

Damn Generation X...

Tonight, as I was helping collect food for our local
shelter, my bike was parked at school and it got ripped
off. Sure, I do something charitable and my bike get's
stolen... yeah it's a bike, but that was my only means of
getting around our little town. To school, from school,
friends, downtown (yes, my podunk town has a downtown, and
a NICE one at that! $3.00 movies kick ass!) It was old,
but it was MY old bike!
Anyway, the Food Find went really well. We all rode around
in my dad's work truck (at least it's just white, no
writing on it). I think we collected a TON of food as a
whole Peer Helper/5th 6th 7th group. We were hoping to
beat last year's group that had 3300 lbs. of food.
Marching band went pretty good today. Brandon was so nice
during it! I talked to him for 20 minutes while everyone
else was learning new sets for the song he plays trap set
on. He was messing around with my flag and it was so funny!
I'm listening to my ClickRadio again, and Train's "Meet
Virginia" is on. I love that song! And I haven't heard it
for awhile. I love ClickRadio.
Next summer, I need a job. I also need driver's ed. I
NEED $$$! I want to work down at the Lake's, but only if
Heather Lavoie works with me, or else I'd have no way to
get there. I wish we lived closer than 40 miles! But
housekeeping at Village West would mean GREAT money! But I
also will have flag lessons and driver's ed. What to do,
what to do!

"Are you that somebody?"