2001-10-02 01:45:49 (UTC)

Catching Up: High School, September 11, My Head, and More

OK, last time you checked with me, I was FREAKED about
going to high school. But everyone is SO nice there. Well,
not everyone. But it is really a good school. And I'm
comfortable with it.

I'm not, however, comfortable with the September 11th
tragedy. I don't know why, but I didn't feel very sad when
I heard the news. I couldn't help it. But I am scared. I
jump every time I hear a plane and analyze it for erratic
behavior. I'm SCARED. I don't want anything to happen.

Today was emotional. The trident commercial RUINED my day!
I was on the bus, and if you haven't heard it, it's
basically about a guy who sells his soul for a stick of
gum. The devil's voice scared me. Then, I read an old "Dear
Abby" on the wall of my school called "Please, God, I'm
only Seventeen!" It's about a guy (but I picture a girl)
who risks death by driving recklessly and "she" tells about
how she saw herself being buried. Look it up, I'm sure
you'll find it. It made me sad and sick.

Rachel is my best friend. Her sister Carla is too. I think
she saved my life, but I'd rather not say how right now.

I want to get off the computer, now, so I guess it's bye.
Please post some feedback!