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2001-10-02 01:35:03 (UTC)

Boyfriend Challenged

Homecoming is this week. I dont have a date. I need lessons
in how to get guys. So if anyone is interested in teaching
a 14 year old female whos never had a boyfriend how to get
one...write me

I dont think Im going to homecoming. I dont know. I dont
have a dress, and i dont know how to danec-so its like,
whats the point, right?

Life is so nuts sometimes, Im not sure what is happening,
it is all going by so fast and so crazy like. I still think
about Dane in "that way" sometimes. And when I see him in
the hall I still think he's hot. And I still like him.
There-I said it! GRR somebody shoot me! I still like this
[adorable] jerk! but maybe hes not a jerk. and i dont know
what to do about sara-I dont know if i can ever trust her
again. What do you think?

OK thats it for now-Im outtie