2001-10-02 01:30:16 (UTC)

There is Evil in the World

On several lists that I'm on I've read people's reaction to
the events of September 11th which I cannot agree with.

One well-respected writer states that we should no longer
think in terms of us versus them, but should accept everyone
as us. She believes that, in global terms, we're well past
thinking of ourselves as tribal, we should make peace with
each other and our planet and understand that we are all
connected and that the good depends on the good of all.

Nice words but it's not realistic and oh! how I'd like to
believe it were true, but it is not. It works only if
everyone believes that and the truth is that not everyone
does. The horrible fact of it is that there is evil in the
world. There are people with no consciences who think
nothing of hurting others for their own gain. They want
what they want and they want it now and will do whatever it
takes to get it, no matter who or how many people it hurts.
I absolutely cannot accept people like this as part of us.

She states that there's a loving-kindness meditation that
many Buddhists use, in which they wish the same good things
for others (loved ones first, friends next, strangers next
and finally enemies) that they wish for themselves,
forgiving others and themselves for whatever hurts have
been inflicted in either direction, knowingly or

I cannot forgive murderers of thouands of men, women, and
children. Never. Never.