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2001-10-02 01:25:01 (UTC)

Convo with Sara

cheerinchica96 [6:33 PM]: hey
Blonde Magazine [6:33 PM]: hi
cheerinchica96 [6:34 PM]: what's up?
Blonde Magazine [6:34 PM]: not much. how did things
go after school?
cheerinchica96 [6:35 PM]: jenna told me that Dane
had to tell me something so i went to go talk to him
Blonde Magazine [6:35 PM]: yeah
cheerinchica96 [6:35 PM]: and he told me that he
really likes me but he's still not totally over adina so he
can't really handle a girlfriend for a while
Blonde Magazine [6:36 PM]: ah
cheerinchica96 [6:36 PM]: jenna told me they only
broke up last week
Blonde Magazine [6:36 PM]: yeah they did
cheerinchica96 [6:36 PM]: but at least he said he
really likes me []
cheerinchica96 [6:36 PM]: but i'm really sad
Blonde Magazine [6:36 PM]: ya
Blonde Magazine [6:36 PM]: well im sorry about that
Blonde Magazine [6:37 PM]: so can we talk about our
situation now
Blonde Magazine [6:37 PM]: ?
cheerinchica96 [6:37 PM]: me too
cheerinchica96 [6:37 PM]: yah
Blonde Magazine [6:37 PM]: with no.....hard feelings
about dane?
cheerinchica96 [6:37 PM]: what do you mean?
Blonde Magazine [6:38 PM]: okay-what are your
feelings on the situation?
cheerinchica96 [6:38 PM]: i'm really sorry i hurt
you and i'm mad about myself for that-but i still like him
cheerinchica96 [6:39 PM]: *at myself
Blonde Magazine [6:39 PM]: okay
cheerinchica96 [6:39 PM]: and you?
Blonde Magazine [6:39 PM]: well, what i meant is, I
have been making an effort to be a good friend to you
because I know that you are going through a hard time with
the whole dane thing, but honestly, it was hard on friday
not to want to beat the shit out of you. you know?
Blonde Magazine [6:39 PM]: lol-well maybe not that
far, but, you get the point.
cheerinchica96 [6:40 PM]: yah i understand it's okay
cheerinchica96 [6:40 PM]: i think i deserve a
Blonde Magazine [6:41 PM]: okay before i start
talking i want you to know that i love you, and you are
very dear to me, and whatver i say, i am not trying to hurt
you intentionally (incase i say something) but i want you
to know that i am not going to bullshit you-im going to
tell you the truth, how i feel ok?
cheerinchica96 [6:42 PM]: yah i'd rather you tell
the truth
cheerinchica96 [6:42 PM]: same here
Blonde Magazine [6:42 PM]: okay
Blonde Magazine [6:42 PM]: well-heres how i really
feel now. first of all we need to work some things out,
because, I dont know if i can ever trust you again sara. I
dont know you that well, I guess, but i didnt think that
any of my friends would ever do that to me. and thinking
about it, i still cant understand how you could do that to
me. And so, before i can even be friends with you again, we
need to get some things worked out.
cheerinchica96 [6:43 PM]: okay
cheerinchica96 [6:43 PM]: but i need you to
understand where i'm coming from also
Blonde Magazine [6:44 PM]: okay, then tell me.
cheerinchica96 [6:44 PM]: but pleez hear me out
before you get mad ok?
Blonde Magazine [6:44 PM]: ok-nothing taken personal
deal? from either of us.
Blonde Magazine [6:44 PM]: ok
cheerinchica96 [6:47 PM]: it just happened really
fast-i talked to him after school wednesday and next thing
i know at the game him and andy come up to me and start
talking to me. andy tells me that (i was selling tattoos
and what before the game) that dane requested me
specifically. then maureen says, "no, buy from me", just as
a joke, and he smiles at me and says, "no, i like her"
cheerinchica96 [6:47 PM]: and then i ask them if
they wanna walk with me and we were just talking and he
asked me out
Blonde Magazine [6:48 PM]: ok
Blonde Magazine [6:48 PM]: is that it?
cheerinchica96 [6:49 PM]: well let me tell you what
happened before-i met him on tuesday and he told julia that
he thought i was really pretty and that he wanted to talk
to me. and andy found out and he told dane that i liked him
even though i had never said that. and then we just started
Blonde Magazine [6:49 PM]: ok
cheerinchica96 [6:50 PM]: i honestly never thought
about going out with him
Blonde Magazine [6:50 PM]: ok
cheerinchica96 [6:51 PM]: and after i changed out of
my uniform at the game we went up to the bleachers with
some of our friends and that was it
Blonde Magazine [6:51 PM]: what do you mean that was
cheerinchica96 [6:52 PM]: i'm so sorry i honestly
am. i guess i just took the easy way out and never thought
about any of the possible consequences
Blonde Magazine [6:52 PM]: but when he asked you out,
didnt it ever occur to you that you could say no, or that
you could say youd have to think about it? when you kissed
him didnt you think about how bad you would hurt me? about
how you were destroying our friendship over some guy?
Blonde Magazine [6:53 PM]: you know how hurt you
would be if i went out with tim. you would never forgive me-
and i dont know if i can forgive you. because you obviously
dont care about my feelings.
cheerinchica96 [6:53 PM]: kelly i'm sorry. i've
always been blind when it comes to guys-i can't help it. i
only see what i want to see sometimes-i try to change but
it's really hard
Blonde Magazine [6:54 PM]: well i guess you'll have
to learn the hard way
cheerinchica96 [6:55 PM]: kelly i care about a lot
more than you know. i understand that you can't forgive me
now but i hope someday that you will
Blonde Magazine [6:56 PM]: i dont know sara-i dont
really think you do care, because, now that its over, you
care, but you sure as hell wouldnt dump HIM to save our
friendship (not that i asked you to do that, but it never
even occured to you) would you?
cheerinchica96 [6:57 PM]: of course it occurred to
me! i thought about it alot-that's about all i thought
about this weekend!
Blonde Magazine [6:57 PM]: well theres a difference
between thinking and doing
cheerinchica96 [6:59 PM]: but kelly i've been
through ALOT of really hard relationships. i know that's
not an excuse but if you knew half of what i've gone
through it would make alot more sense
Blonde Magazine [6:59 PM]: im sure
Blonde Magazine [6:59 PM]: anyways, i dont know where
to go from here
cheerinchica96 [7:00 PM]: me neither
Blonde Magazine [7:00 PM]: *sigh*
Blonde Magazine [7:00 PM]: well do u have anything
else to say
Blonde Magazine [7:00 PM]: ?
cheerinchica96 [7:01 PM]: yah but i don't think you
want to hear it
Blonde Magazine [7:01 PM]: no go ahead
Blonde Magazine [7:01 PM]: i dont htink i can
possibly be hurt anymore lol
cheerinchica96 [7:02 PM]: it's just that i have
horrible luck with guys. whenever i really like somebody
and they actually like me back it seems like there's always
some reason i can't go out with them-and if i do everyone
hates me for it
Blonde Magazine [7:03 PM]: since when did u REALLY
like dane sara? it sounds to me like he was just there, and
he wanted to go out with you, so you took the oportunity
Blonde Magazine [7:03 PM]: u knew the guy for 2 days
cheerinchica96 [7:03 PM]: and most of my exes won't
speak to me anymore. half of them are embarrassed to know
me and the other half got hurt and think i am a heartless
Blonde Magazine [7:04 PM]: well at least you have
exes sara.
cheerinchica96 [7:04 PM]: well how well do you know
Blonde Magazine [7:04 PM]: i dont know him at all-but
im not the one making out with him on the 2nd day that i
talk to him either, now am i?
cheerinchica96 [7:05 PM]: i am not a slut i DO NOT
take guys just because they are
cheerinchica96 [7:05 PM]: well then honestly what's
the difference? you don't know him but you hate me for
going out with him
cheerinchica96 [7:05 PM]: *there
Blonde Magazine [7:05 PM]: i didnt say you were a
slut. but it was pretty slutty to make out with the guy
that one of your best friends likes
Blonde Magazine [7:07 PM]: you're right-i dont have
any dibs on him, theres no reason that you shouldnt have.
and you know that-right? but then why did you feel so bad
about it on friday??? cuz there was something wrong with it
and you knew it...and you didnt have any dibs on kyle-why
couldnt liana go out with him. thats real hippocritical
cheerinchica96 [7:08 PM]: i know but i forgave
liana. the only reason i brought that up again is cuz i was
really pissed at her. i shouldn't have but i did and i'm
Blonde Magazine [7:09 PM]: yeah well you were mad
then-and you felt like u had dibs on kyle then. if liana
did that again-if she went out with tim wouldnt you be
cheerinchica96 [7:10 PM]: of course but i wouldn't
be mad forever
Blonde Magazine [7:10 PM]: well im not gonna be mad
forever but im mad now, and we are here now-not later
Blonde Magazine [7:10 PM]: so lets work it out now
cheerinchica96 [7:11 PM]: i'm trying
Blonde Magazine [7:11 PM]: ok
Blonde Magazine [7:11 PM]: well i know u r trying,
but how do i know that ur not gonna do that again sara
Blonde Magazine [7:11 PM]: ?
cheerinchica96 [7:12 PM]: you don't you can never
KNOW, but i'm telling you that i won't and i hope you can
believe me
Blonde Magazine [7:13 PM]: well i dont know sara. i
mean, its all well and good now, but if u were still going
out with dane things would be different
cheerinchica96 [7:15 PM]: yah
Blonde Magazine [7:15 PM]: ok-well, if we are gonna
ever be cool again, we need to get some things straight. NO
more bullshitting ok? i mean, on friday, it was like you
werent even gonna tell me that he asked you out. and then
you didnt tell me that you said yes. and then you didnt
tell me that you kissed him. and i cant trust someone who
is constantly keeping things from me.

cheerinchica96 [7:16 PM]: yah okay
cheerinchica96 [7:16 PM]: i was going to telkk you i
just didn't even know how to even begin
cheerinchica96 [7:17 PM]: *tell
Blonde Magazine [7:17 PM]: .....
cheerinchica96 [7:18 PM]: ?
Blonde Magazine [7:18 PM]: are you doing gurl of the
cheerinchica96 [7:18 PM]: yah
Blonde Magazine [7:19 PM]: ok
Blonde Magazine [7:19 PM]: were u gonna send em to me
cheerinchica96 [7:19 PM]: can i ask you a question?
Blonde Magazine [7:19 PM]: sure
cheerinchica96 [7:20 PM]: why were you acting all
cool with me today if this is how you really felt? i knew
you were mad but you were being really nice to me
Blonde Magazine [7:22 PM]: because sara-i knew that
dane might hurt you, and even though i wanted to kick your
ass, i still care about you and didnt want you to get hurt
by him, plus have to deal with me. i figured it was better
to wait until after the storm blew over for you and me to
get to our issues.
cheerinchica96 [7:23 PM]: kelly i'm really sorry but
i have to go. i'm sick and i'm sad and i don't know what to
do with myself so i think i'm just going to bed. i'm really
sorry about everything and thank you for talking to me
about it.
Blonde Magazine [7:23 PM]: okay sar
Blonde Magazine [7:23 PM]: a*
Blonde Magazine [7:23 PM]: ill talk to you later
cheerinchica96 [7:23 PM]: i'm sorry you had to go
through all this and i hope you're okay
cheerinchica96 [7:23 PM]: bye
Blonde Magazine [7:23 PM]: you too
Blonde Magazine [7:24 PM]: bye

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