Pandora's Box
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2001-10-02 01:17:02 (UTC)

i hate skool

well today thyey "fixed" our lockers @ skool. i used to be
able to hit my locker 3 times and it would pop open... but
noooo... i can't do that anymore. so i put in my combo..and
it STILL wouldn't open! half the skools lockers were like
that! so we didn't get any home work tonight.

my grandmother fell yesterday and broke her hip so now
she's in the hospital. :((

and tomorrow is picture day! i think i'm going to wear a
dress.. i dunno.

oh and me and derrick are going out now. and YES me and tim
are still together. well, we're "dating". lol

i have a killer headache right now.. so i'm going to go. bye

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