2001-10-02 01:15:44 (UTC)

Never come back

~*Bobbi went to her dads house this weekend to find out
she isnt coming back.Her mom and dad talked and well she is
living with him and theyre moving out the 20th of
november.well today we had a bomb threat and all activities
were canceled bc it was after school so no cross country
practice.Im going to definitely suck tomorrow. Oh wells its
all good.Our race in mann. is friday or atleast were
leaving fri.I went shopping for homecoming the other day
and got a really cute so first dance bc
i didnt go last yr. This senoir likes me i think but i dont
like him.Hes ok but i dont think like this other
senoir but i dont think he likes me or is really my
type.Well im going to go.Im so busy with dance and stuff no

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