"My Wonderful Life"
2001-10-02 00:30:13 (UTC)

First day of sprit week

Today was the first day of sprit week. Hawaian day i wore
my little Kool Hawaian shirt. To make that story short. I
looked good as always. My necklace was a pretty big hit
today. Me and a couple of other people liked it.
The reason out school has this sprit week is because
homecoming is Friday and so is the dance. Bet you cant who
I am takin...... Nobody yet i havent asked and they havent
asked me but if somebody does and i like them a little i
might say yeah unless it is Tatum, Jennifer, Amanda.anybody
else i am open. I wish somebody would ask me but i dont
think they will. i want to ask somebody they might say
yeah but i dont want to get a no. If ya know what i mean.
Then practice it was the same since i am out i reall want
to go back but if i do to early i have a chance to get hurt
again and be out again for another 2 weeks. So i am just
going to hang back the comeback strong. Oh yeah, Timmy he
is the same grade as me he went to varsity cuz i told the
QB coach i didnt really want to cuz i would not play. That
is the reason he wants to come down so he can play and i am
like no way. IF he comes down i have to go up. and i love
to play Qb and the varsity one seldom gets hurt. So i
could kiss QB away. Then at the fair i got a necklace with
my number on it and would not get number 3. a varsity
already has it. SO i would be skrewed there to. SO to put
it simple I AM NOT GOING TO VARSITY. Unless i get my
number and playing time. I know that sounds greedy but you
got to understand where i am coming from. well i am out.#3