2001-10-02 00:12:30 (UTC)

Wishing for Fall

I am so tired of hot weather! It's supposed to be in the
upper 70s and lower 80s for at least another ten days.
Ughh... When is it going to be fall? I pick apples and
pears but the ones I don't refrigerate go bad quickly
because it's so hot. I know that when it's winter and cold
and the heating bill is well into hundreds of dollars I'll
be sorry I complained now.

I want cool weather so I can make a fire in the fireplace
and knit some socks. I want to wear wool socks and a
flannel nightie to bed and snuggle under mountains of
quilts. I want to spend a day cozy in the house making stew
and soup and bread and pies. But no, it's much, much too
hot for that. This hot spell must confuse the wild animals.
Why should we go south, the birds must be thinking, it's
warm enough here.

In the meantime I'm squirreling away food and planning
quilts and designing socks I want to knit and storing the
smells and sights and sounds of light and warmth so that it
when it is cold and dark, finally, I can remember and savor