2001-10-02 00:06:59 (UTC)

um ... i'm better now?

yeah, um... i - uh kinda lost my buzz over the last couple
hours. so i'm ... somewhat better now.

i wasn't *drunk.* really i wasn't. ((it was just a buzz))
AND NO GOTHIE I AM NOT AN ALCOHOLIC. ((little shithead. if
i am an alcoholic, it's her fault anyway. :P))

fortunately, i don't think my mom figured out that i had
what i did. that's a good thing. doubt she'd care though if
she did know- just so long as i'm not dancing out in the
middle of the street naked or something.
(wouldn't that be one helluva show for these old fogies.)

what the hell should i do with myself now.
dreamweaver? oh hell, i still gotta finish uploading that
stuff to mytoday.
bebop? already saw all the ones on my computer ... multiple
food? eh ...
*twitch* bad thoughts. involving ray. no. bad. ((don't ask
unless you really want to know.))
i could clean up the 18 pop cans scattered across my desk.
nah, requires movement.
dreamweaver wins.