lost in the dark
2001-10-01 23:45:51 (UTC)

Last Night...

Entry just like that I told you that I would enter what
happened the previous night.
I got a call from Pot-head last night. Like usaul all she
did was Rant on about her parents, and that the people up
stair from her annoy her. Shit, If I wanted to hear people
complaining I would go to the Hospital, and listen to
people with real problems. More then once I just wanted to
hang up the phone and C' tu. I just can't believe the
emotion that I get from her. I would not say that it is
Hate for this woman. Just gets under my fingure nails more
times then not. I just sat there commenting on what she was
saying. After Pt-head was done speaking or Ranting, I
finally was able to tell her how things are going with
myself. I vagely go over what is going on and what I have
done. Just because I already know what kind of comments
that I would receive if I went to indepth about *ohhh do I
say it* my life. She likes to think that she knows
everything that a person should do, Or should not do. This
raises the hair on my neck everytime that I think about it.
Ohh, well. Like usaul she brings up a guy that she thinks
that she has fallen head over heals for. I think that she
brings these topic up just to see if it is going to make me
jealious. Hehehe. Jealious about Pot-head. Hehehe. I feel
sorry for any man that tries to make a relationship work
with that one. If you don't have a car or your parents
don't live out in the country, well turn around and walk
the other way. Because, she will throw it in your face
every chance she gets. Well, Entry me putting on my best
face for this one, Totally just playing with her on the
phone. I told her that she should just go and bang the guy
and get it over with. Pot-head was surprised by that
comment. What does she think that I am going to try and
change the subject just because it might make me
jealious, "No Way Bitch". You throw it in my face I throw
it back in yours. After that little discussion was over
went on to the topic of "HER" fixing "HER" computer. I
laughed so hard that I almost fell out of the chair. Pot-
head telling me how to make my system(s) work better and
maybe increase performance. Pot-head told me to run
SCANDISK and DEFRAG on my system. Man, what does she think
that I have been doing for the Past 4 years. Sticking my
Fingure up am ass. Some people never really think. At least
Entry we now why Pot-head is called Pot-head. I think
something fried long ago with that one.
Well Entry I was Pissed, happy, and sorriful all in one
phone call. What a trip. Glad that I wil not have to go
through that all the time.

Lost in the Dack...

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