2001-10-01 23:33:44 (UTC)

One Step Closer To Life

Hey everyone,
I am very shook up rite now...Me n my friend Charee stayed
after in tech theater to paint. Well she took me home & as
we were on the way to go home, this guy rammed into us & we
spun into a bus. Nobody wuz injured, but we were very
scared & as i wuz like thinkin about all this that
happened, i really reallised how lucky i am & how everythin
really does happen for a reason. I think this happened to
show us that we have to wake up to reality, even though it
wuznt are fault, i know that God is alwayz goin to be there
& im truly lucky to have him in my life.

I think this song is reallt a great one for the mood i am
in at this moment.

some would say tomorrow is just one step closer to death
i'd say tomorrow is just one step closer to life and
understanding and to know it's gonna be alright so in
conclusion have i made my decisions clear? with every
passing moment of my life this year well not exactly so
that's what i am doing here no one's on display and no
one's gonna be passed around today i won't let it happen,
if i can help it take your inconsistence away would it be
right to say that no one ever truly listens? or takes the
time to understand what something means without opinion,
bias, without a one-track mind what can be done to change a
habit born in our minds? first step to kiros is to take the
shells out of our eyes and then to wonder, enjoy life,
maybe even relax, even relax