Pink Flowers

Pink Flowers
2001-10-01 22:37:41 (UTC)


The one thing in the world that I could possibly eurn
for more than a for someone to love me is to be ably to
sleep. I would be so content to slend my life in one deep
trance where real life wouldn't bother me and I would only
be caught up in dreams. I've had dreams so real before
that if felt as if I was actually being kissed. But the
reality of it all is realized when my bitch of an alarm
clock goes off. Then I begin my day as every
other....another day after the next. That is all my life
it. I wish so badly that I could be thin. God, I wish
that above anyhting else. Why did I have to trun out so
dissapointing? Anyway, that would not be something that I
would have to think about if I could
sleep.....eternally....maybe that is where we go when we
die.....into a deep neverendeing would not be
dissapointing to me. What would dissapoint me, however,
would be to find out that heaven does not exits and that so
many people have wasted their life by conforming to the
Bibles twisted commandments. In my honest opinion from
what I have learned throughtout my life people who don't
cheat steal or lie turn out to get screwed over by the
cruel world. Maybe I will just overdose in a bunch of
tranquilizers and experience "heaven."
I am just so tired I can't think about what I will do
with my life. Hopefully it will all turn out.