Fallen from grace

One day at a time...
2001-10-01 22:20:55 (UTC)

sick sick sick

That would be me...sick. And it's no fun. First off today
it wasn't this bad: I wasn't weezing, but it was still bad
enough to need to be checked. The doctor said it was just
a really nasty cold and she couldn't do anything about it,
but come back if your snot turns green (yummy), you're
weezing or...something else but I don't remember off hand
what that was. But I'm weezing now! Great, I get to go
back in most likely. That spot in my back hurts constantly
now when I breathe rather than off and on. This so totally
sucks! I just want to take a sleeping pill and hop into
bed, but two things are stopping me:
1. I have to do that cartoon for science cuz it's due
tomorrow and the guidelines are all at school so I'm kinda
screwed but oh well.
And 2. We don't have any sleeping pills. Grr!!!
But, I digress. Salad sounds like a nice change of pace
from soup and 7up. Hopefully I'll be in school
tomorrow...but I'm not sure. I'll keep my fingers crossed
till then!