Reality Bites
2001-10-01 21:57:53 (UTC)


Hey. Ok so Im gonna start out with the main thing thats on
my mind right now, then I'll talk about my day. Today when
I got home, my mom told me that my uncle had cancer. I was
like ok. What else did she want me to say? I think I've had
enough of people in my family getting cancer. really hope
this is the last time this happens for awhile. I'm really
pissed cause that very familiar calm panick came over me
where Im too calm about things when inside my minds racing.
Oh well, on to my day.

My day was good. I have an F in bio, so thats always fun. I
need to do a lot of extra credit...its mainly cause I
missed so much school. I got a B on my algebra test, which
I was SO thrilled about, Ive never gotten a B in algebra
before! Hmm..lets see. OMG it was so funny, today in
History Jenn passed me a note and it fell on the floor and
the teachers all, "God Jenn, doesnt it suck when you pass
someone a note and it falls on the floor & the teacher
sees?!" and he's all to me, "Why dont you give it back to
her and tell her you'll talk to her after class" and kept
teaching. He's the coolest teacher ever. Other than that it
was a normal day. HOT SENIOR CHRIS after school walked by
my locker and gave me the hottest smile. I was like smiling
un-controllably. haha.

Jesse was wierd today, he was nice, but not overly nice and
flirty like usual. And after school Jenn and I were waiting
for a ride with my friend Mike, and Jesse and his gf and
their friends were standing around and she was like all
over him. I was like whatever. I glanced at him and he
glanced back, and then he took her off of him. lol good
stuff, good stuff. Jenn and I went out to lunch and that
was fun cause we got to talk, we havent cought up in a few
days. She and her bf are kinda we talked that
out. And ewe talked about the Tammy/Sam homecoming thing.
Gee won't THAT be fun?? I don't care, me and Rob will have
a kick ass time, me and my cool silver shoes!!!

Yesterday Alyssa and I went to B's house and brought him cupcakes we
made, but he wasn't home, so we left them on his car. GOD! I miss
that guy! I really hope he gets his ass up here and visit me too.
He's so funny, he'd call me like 3 times yesterday and be like,
"OOOH! you're so sweet! I had to say hi!! Ok i gotta go to the store,
I love you!!!" haha he's a cutie

lol Ok well I've got counceling in a half hour. I know you wish you
were me, haha. It's so lame. Hope everyone's day was great~