Life in the Making
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2001-10-01 21:47:49 (UTC)

Fuck this

I am so pissed! Not only do I have a job that doesn't pay
enough (but I can't quit because I love the place) but I
need to get a second job just to live! I'll be moving this
coming weekend into a place at GV and Warm Springs. $300 a
month $50 or so for utilities. Then I have my car
insurance, my phone, gas, food, and the little things like
Shampoo, Soap, etc. I barly make $200 a pay check. How the
hell am I going to get by with that? I've got to get a
second job until Charles decides on who will be supervisor
at snackbar. If I get it, I'll quit the second job. If not,
well then, my life will continue to be hellful. I have no
money to buy school books which I still need, so I'm
failing my classes because I need financial aid. Is that my
fault? No. I can't help it if my bastard of a step-father
wants to sit on his lazy and not work. I work hard at
school, my job, and when I come home he complins nothing
was cleaned. Well then, clean whatever it is your damn
self. If I didn't make a mess with any of the dishes, then
why should I clean them? I can't wait to get the hell out
of there, but is paying a jillion dollars worth my
freedom??? It's going to have to be, because they're moving
out of state. And I have to stay here for school.

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