Mystical Blonde Girl

Mystical World Of A Wild Blonde
2001-10-01 21:40:55 (UTC)

OMG he is coming soon! YES YES YES!

Sorry I miss Sunday...

Have a lot to tell you too!

For one thing I TALKED TO MIKEL! Yeppers he called me
Saturday night. God he is so fucking sexy! He was all
like "What are you doing this coming Friday (the 5th)?" I
was like I don't know, why? he said "You are going out with
me. Don't bother making plans!" hehe How cute! He got his
car =) He has been getting it all fixed up and felt bad
that he didn't call me friday. I remembered to ask for his
number too =)

I AM SO FUCKING HAPPY! I am so going to kidnap him. He is
staying here with me all weekend I don't care. *wink wink*

Friday night I chilled at home and watched: MallRats,
Chasing Amy, Clerks, and Enemy at the Gates. All good

Nick also called and he wanted to come over, but it was
like 1am already.

Saturday Mikel called and I talked to him for a pretty long
time. =) YAY Then my brother Scott came over for dinner and
to talk. Been a LONG time since I saw him... LOL

Oh and this guy Matt... looks just like my other
Matt...*sigh* came over to watch Enemy at the Gates with me
at my house... he is damn cute! hehe

Sunday I slept for most of the freaking day cause I was
sick and needed the sleep. Then Charlene called to make
sure if I was stil going with them to Cowboys. I said yeah.
So ym mom took me to cash my check. I did that and about 8
I walked over to Charlene's house and then at 9pm we went
to Cowboys. Now my mom was being pissy, so she was like "be
home at 10pm." I was like "WHAT THE FUCK?!" So insteadI
went home at 11pm. She didn't even notice or care... what a
pain in the ass! grrrrrr

But yeah thats about it...

See ya!


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