Scenes from a Marriage
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2001-10-01 20:44:04 (UTC)

Monday, October 1st

I just feel miserable after this weekend, I want to run
away. I just feel like I hate my life at this point and
want to be divorced and on my own.

The custody lawyer did not show up on Saturday for our "pre-
trial conference" that he had scheduled. He called today
to apologize for being "stupid", so he is going to make it
up to us by coming to our house tonight and having our
conference. Then we had to meet with our bankruptcy
attorney who we thought had finished our case up awhile
ago, but apparently has never closed it. So, now he says
that we have to payback hubby's student loans that had been
dismissed several years before, but that is not how it was
supposed to work. Then he also said he thought we needed
to sell our house because the 2nd mortgage company is
starting to raise a stink.

My thought with that is if we are going to have to sell the
house then we should just go our separate ways. I just
can't bear to think of another $600 going out for the
student loan and 2nd mortgage, and that is not even
considering child support, if we would lose the custody
battle. Plus, there is the money we have to pay the lawyer
for seeking custody---$2500. Hubby just got a route which
means he will be making more money, but not instead of
saving it, we are going to have to spend every single dime
for this stuff. I guess if we get custody it will be even
more money because we will be raising the child. If he
pays support it will be $300 a month, we would pay more
than that just for daycare.

Here I thought thinks were finaly, going to get better, and
they have taken a nose dive for the worst. I don't think
that I can take anymore stress from any direction. I just
want him to sign the damn divorce papers and go on his
way. I don't want to have to deal with all this mess, I
didn't ask for any of it, but here I am right in the

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