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2001-10-01 20:42:23 (UTC)

All Healed up with No Place to Go...

Well yours truly is finally healed up...Unfortunately I
think my gash is gonna leave a scar! :-/ Well, what can
you do, right? I know I haven't written in a while, but to
be honest, there isn't much to write about....I'm stressing
over school and stuff so everything else is kind of put on
the backburner.

Things at home are a little frustrating because my sister
is applying [or in the early stages of] to colleges...My
parents are actually considering letting her stay on campus
which is like a slap in the face to me cuz they didn't even
let me LOOK at any brochures of colleges that were far!!!
So I've decided that if she does live on campus, then next
semester [and hopefully my last] I'm gonna live on campus.
Cuz its just not fair. I know I probably sound like a
little baby, but if you had been through what I've been
through, then you'd understand. I bitched to Jeff for a
while, but he doesn't fully understand...being as he's the
baby in his family, his parents adore him, he's a genius,
and he's pretty much gotten everything he's wanted. So its
rough...I know I'll deal with it, but I might bitch about
it from time to time so be prepared.

OH!! My dad bought a new car! FINALLY! He got a 2002
Nissan Sentra GXE. Its some funky new color called "Out of
Blue" Its soo nice! So we're all excited about that.

On another note, Jeff and I are doing great...the 25th of
September was our 2 1/2 anniversary but we didn't see each
other that day. We got together on the 26th...He gave me
my new phone [I'm paying for it, he just set everything up
for me] which is really cool and we went shopping for new
jackets for him. We ran into Andre and Chrissy at the mall
so that was pretty cool. And then we went to Akbar, an
Indian resturant, for dinner. The food was really good and
so was the atmosphere, except there was a table of like 10
indian guys right next to us. They talked and laughed so
loud, it was so annoying! Afterwards, we just hung out for
a lil while and then went home.

I saw him again this weekend so that was cool. I went to
his house and he helped me with some homework..we bought a
card for his mom [her birthday's tomorrow] and then I had
some of his mom's famous nacho dip [its sooo good] and some
tiramisu. She makes that stuff soo good! I got home
around 7 and then just did some work and hung out with the

Today's been just a fun day of work and classes.

OH, I also forgot another important thing...Last weekend,
we found out that my cousin is engaged! To a Jewish girl!
He's been like dating her for 10 years almost so the
parents couldn't really say no, you know? But I'm totally
excited about it...Its the cousin Vikas' brother. We're
supposed to meet the girl [Erica] in a few weeks and then
the wedding will probably be over the summer. On a selfish
note, this is a great breakthrough for me and Jeff! =-)

The highlight of my weekend [besides seeing Jeff of course] was
hanging out with my cousin Vikas on Saturday night. He was supposed
to come over but he called after dinner all tired so I drove over to
his house instead and we just talked and caught up. It was cool..but
that's the only place I've gone out! ARgh.

Well, I think that's all I have to write for now.
Thanks for everyone who sent me comments, thats so cool! =-

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