The land of unknown
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2001-10-01 20:02:31 (UTC)

Isolation Shepard

that would be my alias for the cd i was going to make.
guitars are recorded at Nate's. but the songs aren't
finished. and probably will need to be redone. but i had
recorded i think five songs at his house. and i was
going to call myself, Isolation Shepard. basically
meaning, shepard of isolation. and i've been writing
lots of new stuff. and adding lots more industrial into
my works. i said before, wumpscut is a heavy influence.
Skinlab is the other major influence. an odd mix, but
hey, it works. i want to get a program to record songs
on the computer so i can burn them to cd and send
them out to all my friends. and so i have them some
place. i have way too many songs that aren't recorded
and have no tabs written down. i actually memorize
almost all of my stuff. somethings are written down and
somewhere is a tape of a ton of stuff i recorded last
year. can't find it though. i started a new tape. and i want
to gather some songs to put on my own little cd. i'll
probably do an E.P. first. that's what i was doing before i
moved, but it never got finished. but i'll probably redo
some of those songs. i'm not sure what the E.P. will be
called. so far, there aren't any other musicians to help
with it. oh well. i have a few concepts for the full cd. i
have an old cover design and a new one from today.
and i have multiple songs i can put on it, but i want to
go back to some of them and add more keyboards. i
might call the full cd 'Portable' (for any of my full time
readers, u may remember one of my old entries by the
same name). and i'm back to designing a logo. i may
download a program that allows me to make my own
fonts. i have ideas here and there. so, yea. uhhh........

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