What are you, some kind of Adrien?
Ad 0:
2001-10-01 19:41:05 (UTC)

how was your day?

mine, surprisingly well. but before you hear mine, you have
to hear about drinkingmercury. i can't stop laughing.

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Well, this is SO funny.

About a week ago, unbeknown to me, my girlfriend booked a
registry office for TODAY. So we could get married.

She told me we were "going out" today and to "put on some
nice clothes". ::snorts::

Then, we arrived at a registry office. And I almost died.
Her WHOLE family was there waiting for us to get married.

Talk about pressure.

That's how my day was.

And I have to write a psychology essay for tomorrow. I
won't do it.

LMAO isn't that hilarious? erm, yeah. so, today "taylor"
found out that i liked a guy and his code name
was "taylor". i don't think he made the connection, but it
was slightly embarrassing. and i gave him a present. annie
bought it and everything, but she wanted me to give it to
him, as i like him. i didn't say anything, aaron did most
of the talking, and then i couldn't talk to him in
homeroom, i just listened. oh well. could have been worse.

anyways, that's really all i have to say.