That's Youth
2001-10-01 19:40:55 (UTC)

remeeting weedey

oh dear its been a long long weekend! this wet wednesday,
we drank in the dorms, and let me just tell you about every
single one of my friends were puking, i had to take care of
them all and it was NO fun! but oh well, thirsty thursday i
actually stayed here with a couple of my friends and we
hung out and went down to the festival and shit it was fun,
but friday however was awesome! I hadn't planned on goin
out again, i was goin to stay here and drink zima with my
boys, but then my friend told me that theta xi was partying
and i love it there so i decided to go. it started out ok,
everyone was calling me pink and being weird, but then i
was in the basement dancing with my girls and i saw this
guy that i met a long time ago, we didn't make out b4 or
anything, but he got my # and never called, so i was like
hey i know u, and told him who i was n shit, and he was
like oh i lost ur # or whatever, so we started hanign out,
actually making out, we danced and kissed and talked and we
were really getting along,they played "proud to be an
american" and we slow danced and he was just so nice and i
really enjoyed kissing him, but anyway ron was about ready
to take us home so weedey walked me to his car and kissed
me good bye. he promised hed call the next day. i was
really really hoping he would too, he had the prettiest
green eys, that was the best part, i love green eyes. well
he was just really sweet and i went home and went to bed a
very happy girl that night.