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2001-10-01 19:29:11 (UTC)

you bitch

so i decided to take a walk a few hours ago and find the
sunset and perfect place to watch it along the river. i
took my headphones along, the first time ive walked around
here listening to music. ive been more interested in just
listening to the streets, the people, the church bells. but
i took along a mix cd i made right
before i left and trooped out. i took the scenic route,
past the churches, past the Uffizi and hit the river. the
sun was already setting and i kept my eyes on the sky...
that sailing away song was playing, and just as i look down to the river, from
underneath a bridge an eight person crew team shoots out,
accompanied by sixteen immaculate young italian arms, at
that moment the breakdown of the song comes on COME SAIL
AWAY COME SAIL AWAY WITH ME!!! perfect. so i found my
perfect spot a few bridges down and sat right on top on the
world. the clouds looked like roads in the sky and in the
distance i could see a few more crew boats coming to me

there is something about sunsets that make me want to be
alone. i dont want to be talking, i dont want to have to
feel that thoughts need to be shared. but in the most
romantic place in this city of loooooove i just wanted to
be by myself. so of course some italian guy sits next to me
and tells me what a bella raggazza i am and doesnt speak a
lick of english. so i practiced my italian for awhile,
mainly just saying thank you and that i have a
boyfriend and my heart is already full and
no i dont want to go dancing and i want to be alone and no
i dont want to go out to eat and no i dont want to kiss you
and yes here is a cigarette. these men, my god, are like
dogs in heat. my roomates are on a mission to "hook me up"
and wont listen when i say id rather not bullshit and i
just am not feelin it and i have a vibrator so its all
good. when i was in napoli this weekend i was talking to
amanda, one of my roomates, about marriage. and i realized
thats something else im pretty clear about. i know the kind
of marriage i want, the kind that i need, a real one, a
spiritual one, a FUN one, not like any i hve ever seen and
if i dont find that, then i will not marry. its the same
with this hymen, i know what i want, comfort that extends
to tomorrow, thats not asking too much i dont think.
so yeah hit napoli, pompeii and capri this weekend. I have
never, ever in my life seen water like that water in capri.
first off, this was an island of CLIFFS. Huge UNREAL
CLIFFS, with HOUSES on them looking out onto this GELATIN
TORQUOISE BLUE, i swear like a neverending pool of jello,
with the biggest ripples ive ever seen. i might need a
house there in the future, to jet off to for a month or so
in the summer, ya know in between the south of france and
my obscure island that i will be purchasing.
ok gotta go take some more pictures for class the assignment
is pics of your apartment, living space and the extent of
what i have taken so far are the huge mound of dirty
dishes, my huge mound of dirty laundry and the cigarette ash in the bedet
am also in process of writing in head my leaning tower of
pisa book in which the virgin mary is now a character and
all will revolve around how there is no such thing as
truth. : )
more on that later