The First 9 Months of Our Lives
2001-10-01 19:05:15 (UTC)

The Tube of Life

you have lived 10 perfect days,
free from sin,
you live in bliss and happiness,
soaking up mothers milk and apple sauce
through the tube of life.
and when you feel perfectly normal
perfectly safe,
the bright false light shines through,
without knowing, without suspect,
the silverplated aliens arrive,
with them they bring hate,
with the intent of murder in their heart.
they float about controlled by a hand
from the other side,
as it directs them to you,
and as they sink their silver plated teeth into your flesh
you can not run, you cannot hide
for you are tied to the tube of life.
you scream for grief,
you scream for the life of all your generation,
you say abortion is not right.
as they cut the tube of life.

Thru Him,
John Blake (J.E.B.)
Copyright 1999

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