my manic world
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2001-02-28 05:05:14 (UTC)

thank you katie for telling me..

thank you katie for telling me what you thought about my
poems. they aren't anything too wonderful, but its all
good. glad to know someone liked them.
i got to see her today. i was there when she got home from
work. i took her by suprise. she was happy, i love to
make her happy. we chilled and then i came home. wad and
grant came by and dragged me out of my house. we chilled,
i watched them get drunk. she wasn't happy about it, and i
kind of understand, but its not like that between me and
wade, he's like my brother. i missed him a lot while he
was with his girl, and didn't have time for me. hes a down
guy. we have a lot of fun together. she wouldn't like
him. but, hes my wade, i've known him for a very long
time. i wish it didn't bother her. so, yea, that was
basically my day. there you go. nite nite.

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