The First 9 Months of Our Lives
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2001-10-01 18:58:42 (UTC)

As You Wish

As you wish were his only words. They seemed to flow off
of his lips with ease, even though it grieved him so. His
faithfulness would not allow him to respond any other
way. "You will never lie, cheat, steal, kill, be served or
give into lust. You will be despised by many, plotted
against, yelled at, disapproved of, talked about, betrayed
and disowned. You will live a life of purity turning your
back on every temptation put before you.

*Remember opportunity knocks once but temptation leans on
the doorbell. You will be punched, stripped, laughed at,
betrayed for pieces of silver and gold, and stabbed in the
heart. You will be simultaneously flogged with whips made
of sharp bones, glass, and metal balls that will rip
sections of skin off your back at a time, leaving you
virtually skinless and you shall be hung on a cross in
front of all to be seen and mocked at... Left to die of
suffication. What do you have to say of this?" He looked
up to his father and said with a salty tear in his eye, but
without procrastination....

"As you wish..."

Stephanie Blake
Copyright 1999