The First 9 Months of Our Lives
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2001-10-01 18:57:47 (UTC)

Water's Edge

We gather under our temples of peace, as the devil's rain
of darkness falls upon the lost. They look for shelter out
of this ancient hell, that which satan has created. As the
rain grows stronger and takes space we look out the windows
of our water resistant ark and look past the crying waters.

As we gather still together and say repetitively how our
spirits mourn for those dying souls, the waters grow deeper
and the once touchable begin to fade. All at once reality
steps in and we are sucked into the vortex of our
failure. As we run to the bow to pull the lost from the
now abyss like waters, satan grins and we again weep for
those souls and our failure.

We say, "We are here for you Lord, your humble servants..."
but yet we defy his clearly defined orders. They were
there, and they shall be always, and so shall we. But
until we venture beyond the boundaries of our arks and
temples, satan shall overcome those at the water's edge.

Stephanie Blake
Copyright 1999