Miss Misery

The Truth Of My Life
2001-10-01 18:57:22 (UTC)

1th of October...Yeah, it really is october.

I finally realised that it´s october. It can´t be! I´m
still living like it would be august. Funny. Where was
I just came home. And my mom is furious. I didn´t go to
school this morning, cos I overslept...I said that I didn´t
remember that we had an english test at 8 pm. She shouted
at me for..lets say.. 10 minutes! God.. "You gotta stop
thinking about that guy!! you don´t remember anything, cos
you´re thinking about him all the time!!" So what. I can´t
stop thinking about him. It´s easy to say, hard to do.
I´m listning to Sentenced. It´s fabulous!! Have you heard?
Finnish band. (Lyrics are in english)
"With her love she feeds the fire in my heart
And in her eyes, oh the birth of stars
The sun won't shine on me without your love
...don't you know
The cold wind kills the flame in my heart
...by its blow"
That´s from the song "Sun won´t shine". I think that
sentenced is the best medicine for me right now. Or for my
heart. Sentenced...Creed...Apulanta.. My favorite bands.
Tupac Shakur comes the next, after sentenced. Sometimes I
listen to Soulfly, Stratovarius, Nightwish... Depends on my
mood. I couldn´t live without music. Really. It´s so
There´s lot of mistakes in my text, I know. Forgive me,
nobody´s perfect. I´m just a 16-year-old finnish girl.
Well, almost 16. I´ve born in november, 1985. It´s hard to
write perfectly english. No, not hard. Impossible, for me,
I mean.
I wrote this poem in summer 2000. I could write it here,
just for fun.

I have so much to say
but no one is listning
So much to pray
But here I´m sitting
Under the heaven, moon and stars
In my heart there´s too much scars
It´s raining hate
It´s raining love
If you take my heart
We can be above
Above this world, hate and wars
We can touch the sky, dance with stars
If my love will some day reach your heart
I want you to remember; you are my star

Oh god... It was awful. I´ve read it 100 times, but now I
noticed how terrible it is. Stars stars stars, everywhere

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