The First 9 Months of Our Lives
2001-10-01 18:55:55 (UTC)


You draw me in like a vacuum. There is unwanted
resistance, but the resistance is not mine. I feel a
passion burning in my soul to reach you and to become one
in your spirit. I want to be in you, a part of your
holiness, but I feel as if it is just beyond my reach. My
heart starts to beat as if it was it's last thump. My
chest swells as if it would bust at the thought of not
getting to the destination of your greatness. You reach
out and stretch until you can no more. I start to give
up. My arms feel as if they're on fire.

I reach down into the deepest part of my soul and pull out
the last bit of strength that is being withheld in my
body. Sweat glistens on your forehead but still the
struggle continues. I look up into your eyes and am
carried away into the pain, suffering and love in your
life. So holy, so wonderful. And yet you care for me, you
still reach out for me.....a sinner. Lost, oblivious to
your love. I can feel the perspiration between our two
hands as we begin to lose grip.

In a gentle voice I hear you call, "Let go! I'll catch
you!" My humanness has blinded me. The flames dance below
seeming as if to have life. "How?" I think to myself how
incredibly impossible that would be. As I looked below
into the pits of hell I saw the devil's grin widen. I
prayed to God for an easier way out. His response
was "Child, do I not move mountains? Can I not save
millions from the depths of hell in a tenth of a second?
Then what is the problem? Trust me. I know your heart."
As my hand slipped from his, I felt my heart plummet from
my body. I awoke to see my heavenly father looking down
upon me. Then he said to me, "What took you so long?"

Stephanie Blake
Copyright 1999