2001-10-01 18:43:41 (UTC)

THE 1st OF OCTOBER......

Today was the first day of our Homecoming Week....today
being Tacky Day. It was okay. I didn't take as many
pictures as I planned to. I will probably take a lot of
pictures tomorrow. Tomorrow is Twin Day/Career Day, but I
won't be there because it is our skip day(SENIORS!!!!) I'll
probably just trip out with Dee and Jacan. I was thinking
about trying to get up with Antonio Adams. See, I wouldn't
be thinking this if Leroy wouldn't have told me that Dana
Ford(Antonio's girl) was going to try and go up to Clemson
and spend the nite with him. When Leroy told me about it I
was mad, but I couldn't show that because I don't go with
Leroy. BUT STILL.....the shit made me mad. It's just not
the fact that she was going to try and be with Leroy...it's
the damn fact that when me and Antonio were being really
sweet on each other, the BITCH got mad about it. I know
that sounds like how it is suppose to be, but the BITCH
can't get mad when she is out doing the same thing. I hate
females like that. They go hoe-ing around on their dude,
but when their dude starts flirting with another
female....the bitch wanna get mad. First of all, if you
think you can cheat on someone and not get cheated on in
return....then you need to slap yourself. I wish a bitch
would call herself riding up to Clemson and trying to stay
the nite with Leroy....HA! Now, me and Dee are on Antonio
hard. If Dee get him, then good....I get him....GREAT. I
want the bitch to front me about the shit. I will go ahead
and tell her about herself. Yeah, I know me and Leroy don't
go together....I shouldn't be upset about it....but Dana of
all people! The more I think about it....the more upset I
get. And to think...if I wouldn't have told Leroy that Dana
was Antonio's girl....he probably would have had sex with
her.....GROSS. Hell, he probably still will. Now, my
feelings about Leroy don't really change because of
this...I'm hoping that Leroy wouldn't do anything like
that. I kind of have that trust in him to think that he
wouldn't drop to that level to do something like that. Poor
Antonio....I want to tell him so bad that his girl is a
maggot, but that's not my place. And Leroy told me probably
thinking that I wouldn't expose it. I mean, I told Dee
about it, but that was because that only helps out the
plan. She is already on it. Today, before we left school,
we went up to the Antonio's locker and got something he
took from Dee....when we walked away Dana was trying to hug
up on him and stuff. Dana is the type of female that goes
out for the TOP BOY of the school. I don't know how she
get 'em, but the line stops at Antonio....BELIEVE THAT! I
will run that bitch over if she dare try to be on Leroy.
Like, he might come home for Homecoming....if she step near
him I'm gonna rush to his side. BITCH DON'T PLAY! That's
all I can say. *J*