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2001-10-01 18:16:05 (UTC)

Getting The Job Done and Thinking of You!

Dear Diary:

I actually got the energy to go out and pay my bills on time. Some of them are due in next week.
I have a handful more of them to go.
I have three automatic debits as well.

I am thinking of my Illinois Honey. He is forever
on my mind. I wonder if he is thinking about and of me. I hope msn is on this evening.
That is how we talk to one another on MSNTV.
We talk to each other on fridays via the phone.

We are planning to meet each other soon. Then, what I wonder.

I get my pictures back on Thursday. I will send both Stephan and Robert one.

HE will not get one. HE does not deserve. He did
not return my other photos I asked HIM to do so.

When he gets fat,old, and overweight, I get better looking and will not let myself go again.

I am just lucky. HE will die a lonely death and
I will not.

HE BLEW it when he insulted me, and verbally abused me in HIS ugly e-mail. So let HIM rot.

Love, AmericanIrishRose

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