My Life.............
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2001-10-01 17:44:28 (UTC)


I still have A, called my brother this morning, said he
might come pick him up tomorrow afternoon, MIGHT???
grrrrrr, he better! i wish A. would stay up at H's, man!! i
have been watching cartoons all weekend, im all cartooned
Its beautiful out there today, wish i had somewhere to
Oh man, Jeff will get that letter this week.LOL im so
scared of what his reaction will be, maybe he will just
throw away the letter, no, thats not what i want, i just
dont want him or that Sandi to send me cruel emails again,
i know i should just give up and let him move on with his
life, and i should move on with him,its just that i love
him so much.:( i wont bother him anymore, i havent sent him
an email since Sept. 12, and that was to see if he was ok
after what happened, i know ill still talk about him, ALOT,
but, i know ill never talk to him again, its sad, but, i
know life goes on, maybe someday we will speak again, maybe
in another 5 years, but, by then ill probably be happilly
married..:( oh well..........