Michael Through Time

The Mad Scientist's Notebook
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2001-10-01 17:34:09 (UTC)


This is another poem. This one is truly experimental as it
uses an old form style called a sestina. Very complex but
extremely neat if you can pull it off. Neil Gaiman loves
these things for you author geeks out there.
Anyways here it is, the second of three poems I'll preview
right here
you should note of course this poem and "Human" are mine all
mine so please note that.
feedback would be appreciated...
The Mad Scientist


Imagine a line
Then a square
Visualize a cube
Observe its movement
Watch it spin
And you find the form takes shape

The forms true shape
Begins with a line
Spinning like a baton
And transforms into a square
Then it does a complex movement
And metamorphosis's into a cube

From the wings of the cube
Comes the final shape
That has a graceful movement
Using the lateral of a line
Bending into a perfect square
As it dances in a melodic spin

Seeing the form spin
Moving in more complex motions
Becoming a line
As it evolves its shape
For a moment mirroring a cube
As it crystallizes into a square

From the second of the square
You see it do a quintessimal spin
As you become one with the line
Having a sixth sense about the shape
Watching it divide into a cube
Watching it go fourth into its movement

From the time of it's movement
You see the pattern of the spinning
Amazed at the width of it's square
Seeing the depth of the cube
Seeing the wondrous shape
Starting at the length of the line

Squaring off you see it spin
Cubically you gaze its movement
Shapely coming from the heart of the line