Diary Of A Fat Girl
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2001-10-01 16:39:20 (UTC)


Today I decided that I wasn't happy. Today I decided that
I had to change my life or die. It's seems so unreal how I
could have lived my life the way I have for almost 10
yrs...and that is fat. I mean miserably fat. I am now a
24 year old woman who weighs 370 pounds. I am 6'1 tall but
my weight darkens that wonderful quality about me. The reason
I decided to change this starting today is because if I
don't..i will go insane. It seems to me that food rules my
life..not me. I am married and my husband is 200 pounds
lighter than me!! Can u imagine! What he thinks when he
looks at me naked(regardless of what he tells me)? About 3
weeks ago I was diagnosed with high blood pressure at 24
yrs of age. So pitiful. I can't go on living like this. I
have to change for me and no one else. It's gonna be so
hard...cause I have tried it a million times, but now I
have to do it for myself. If I don't then I must not love
myself enough. They say that writing when you are hungry
helps...I'll be writing alot! One year from this date I
plan to have lost 200 pounds...I know it can be done and I
plan to do it...with help...wish me luck!