Miss Misery

The Truth Of My Life
2001-10-01 16:05:23 (UTC)

Nothing to do..

I´ve got nothing to do. Nothing. I´d have to read on my
biology test, but I don´t wanna... i´m too lazy. I´d have
to clean our house...But I don´t wanna. i don´t wanna
anything. So, I have many things to do, but nothing that
I´d like to do...
I decided to try writing my diary in english. Not always,
but sometimes. it´s much easier to write in finnish... But
nobody understands if I don´t write in english, and it´s
better that way. I think.
I want my boyfriend back! Sorry, ex-boyfriend. i miss him
so much... Why doesn´t he love me anymore? Did he even love
me when we were together? i thought so. But I don´t know
anymore. i have so many questions!!!!! but no answers.
That´s life, ain´t it? Shit happens. shit happens my
friend... Who I´m talking to? I don´t know. I don´t know
anything... I just know that I´m stubid and sad. lonely and
mad. but that´s life too, ain´t it?
only good thing in my life are my friends. And my mom too.
She´s great. not always but.. usually.