Jena's Rants
2001-10-01 15:47:19 (UTC)

Hello? God? This isn't funny anymore.

When the fuck is the afterglow?! I mean, isn't there
something to the afterlife besides dwelling on the
beforelife?! At this point in time I would take hell - at
least there would be interesting dead people to talk to.
You know some idiot dead guy tried to walk up on my
territory today. He asked me how long I've been in, (like
this is fucking prison or something),.......I lied and told
him thirty years. He left after that. If he believed me
then I wonder how long you can get stuck in this fucking
limbo. Or is this all there is to eternity. I just keep
hoping that some of my friends will off themselves or die
some tragic death so that I have something to do. This
fucking sucks.