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Fire Lillies H2O
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2001-10-01 15:34:49 (UTC)

Day 5,000,000,000

Wow. Why does it feel like that?
The 9am to 10pm wasn't so bad. Yo tengo sueno perro fui
buena. Lo que sea.

Today, I get to go to the City. AND with two people who
don't really have any hat towards eachother. I usually end
up with two friends who hate eachother, and simply don't
get along. I was worried as a kid that my frinds would like
achother too much and I would be pushed out of the picture,
but I have finally come to terms with the idea that it is
okay. I would rather there be love over me than fueds
sitting next to me. Maybe, that's why I end up lost in the
friend hook up dept. I give up too soon.

I have friends just I wish I had more intimate
relationships. Poeple who honsestly share something big in
common with me. Most of the time I just deal with people
because they like me. I attract people who annoy me, and we
have not one similar interest wierd, huh? Think coffee
shops, books, current events, and I get gang bangers,
drinking, and people who think, "Dude, where's my car?" is
excellent filmage...

finish later.

-Girl next door

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