The Life and Troubles of an Orange Peel!
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2001-10-01 15:25:32 (UTC)

BA/BCA.....oh i know your jealous dont hide it!...

Ok well.. i have thought about this and i havent written in
here for like ever! so i am here in BA/BCA class with five
min. oif class left and i have nothing to do so i thought
why not just use it to write in i am ..well lets
see alot has happenend sice i last wrote....lets see
i got posion Ivy on my face and had to be put on steroids!
that was cool then i was taken off them and i was ver sore
for like three days...ever muscle in my body hurt..then i
was in an accident...and i hurt my dads truck.i have my
parents vehicle b/c they are in California for like 3
weeks...oh well i went to the hospital and i am better but
now i have a cold and a sore throat and i am stayting at
Ashleys it is fun!...lets see....i am bored and it is hot
in here...oh yah another crappy thing that happend was
Chris Broke up with me ..but i guess we never were really
Going out..but since i have like one min. oif class left i
am gonna go..