Brandi's Exciting Life :o)
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2001-10-01 15:21:46 (UTC)

Comments Anyone?

In a few days will be me and my boyfriends 6 month
anniversary. I am so happy I finally found someone who is
gonna stick by my side, someone who truly loves me. The
feeling of true love is so wonderful.
About my last entry, I am sorry to all who read it,
but I was fed up with the bullshit I was being put through
in the place I am to call home. Good news is I am not
pregnant so I don't have to worry about that.
Anyways, back to my boyfriend, I can't believe how
good our relationship is going. I mean I never had a
relationship that lasted any longer than 4 months. Not by
my choice but by theirs. Cause soon as I let them have
what they wanted they took advantage of me then left me
with a broken heart. I finally found someone different,
whom I could possibly/hopefully be with for a long time.
We are so in love, and it's amazing. I mean I am only 16,
I will be 17 in less than 2 months. I never thought love @
this young was possible, but now I see that it is more than
possible, because I am "In Love" I don't see my life
without my boyfriend in it, I mean I just can't see him
being with another girl other than me, because we fit so
perfectly together. If he ever left it would kill me, and
that is my biggest fear. I confront him all the time of my
past relationships and of how my heart has been broken so
many times, and he assures me he will not do the same.
Should I trust him? Well if I shouldn't I do... He is
everything to me.... Funny thing is my mom loves him and
my dad is starting to get used to him.... His name is
Mateo/Matthew in english... My mom calls him Matt-Dew
because my fav. drink is Mountain Dew. He thinks it is
cute... Well got to be going.
-Brandi L. Weyant (Paez)

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