Giving in
2001-10-01 14:19:15 (UTC)

this past week

allright, hello all.

last saturday, randy's birthday, was great. we all went to
the dam and got fucked up, it was great. we had a fun old
time. jared went out to get food at one point and i gave
him money to get ice cream and he brought back dixie cups
which were great. the next day, sunday, i worked until
three then i honestly don't remember what i did. i don't
think it was anything significant though, otherwise i think
i would remember. oh wait, i remember now i went to
today's man after work to buy me new clothes. i went there
and then to the mall and bought two dress shirts, two pair
of dress pants, a belt and some socks. then i went back to
devon's house. when i got there pam, devons's friend, and
devon were in the kitchen baking apple pies. apparently
earlier that day they went apple picking, and then decided
that they wanted to make some pies. so they made them adn
then while they were cooling, mr. stewart cooked dinner.
we watched the mash marathon on fx which was cool, cause i
like mash. then at some point i went to bed. the next day
i went to work till like three, then i went and picked up
everyone who was going to tool with me and we drove two
hours to get to wilkes barre to see tool. it was a great
show, the best show i've been to ever, and we had pit. i
was a little dissapointed that they played neither of the
two songs i wanted to hear. i wanted them to play sober or
third eye, and they played neither. here is the songs they
played that i remember, i'll put them in chronological
order from album and track number:
prison sex, stinkfist, eulogy, forty-six and two, aenima,
the grudge, eon blue apocalypse, the patient, schism,
parabol, parabola, lateralus, disposition, and reflection.
they also played some filler songs that i guess they wrote
for the tour. they had these two huge screens on the back
wall of the stage and a smaller one on stage that maynard
stood in fron of. there were insane visuals during the
whole show on the screens. during parabol and parabola,
the had two people suspened upside down right infront of
the screens and they swung around and moved all cool and
shit. i was an awesome show. then on tuesday, i worked
all day, then we went to maiters house and drank it was
fun, we watched south park and played smash brothers.
wednesday i worked all day, then went to devons house and
chilled then slept. on thursday, i went to work, got out
early and went to tool again this time it was in philly.
pj and i were on a mission to find acid in the parking
lot. we got there and hour and a half early, and walked
around the paring lot asking everyone. we found some
eventually, and bought it and i put it in my wallet for
after the show. pj, john and i were going to trip at pj's
house after the show. we had seats for this show, and this
time we sat down and watch the oppening act, fantomas.
they were horrible, the worst band i have ever seen. it
wasn't even music, i was just random noise made by a couple
of people who didn't do anything on stage. they had no
stage presence whatsoever. it seemed like they didn't
write or rehearse any music at all. but then tool came on
and all was well. this show was good also, we didn't have
pit, but it was still great. they changed up the set list
a little. they played pushit instead of eulogy and opiate
instead of aenmima. it was a nice change, although i hear
they played sober in hershey, and i am annoyed, and it is
the only place on the tour they play it. on fri., john pj,
randy and i went to temple to visit kishan and it was fun.
we went to a frat to hang out for a little, then we went to
this huge frat party. there was a five dollar entrance fee
and then all the beer you could drink. we also managed to
buy some hash. we smoked that and then wanted more so we
bought a ten sack from some people we saw on the street and
smoked that. randy invented a new game, where he takes his
cell phone and calls a random number and asks for a girls
name. it was hilarious, an conversation from our end that
we could hear went something like this:
"hello is sarah there?"
"oh, wait this is michelle's number, is she there?"
"how bout susan? theresa? megan?"
"you're right i am being an asshole, and i appologize."
"i'm gonna be honest with you, i am drunk and lonely, and i
want someone to talk to, can we talk? yes i realize it is
two in the morning, but can we just talk?"
"hello? hello? oh great they hung up"

or something like that, it is a great game. then randya nd
i slept in my car while pj and john slept in kishan's
dorm. although i am glad we did, because kishan's roomate
threw up in his sleep all over the place. sat, i went to
work then i went back to devon's house and fell asleep in
the recliner right before snl came on and i woke up at like
six thirty, wondering why i was in the chair with a blanket
on me. i went back to sleep until i had to go to work. i
went to work and then i went to my gaming group for our
last cession before seth goes to boot camp. and then i
went back to devon's house and watched adult swim on
cartoon network. cowboy bebop is great, i love that show.
now i am here at work doing stuff, my boss is out today so
i have my cd player in here hooked up to some computer
speakers and i am listenning to tool. i'll write again