random mumblings
2001-10-01 14:12:14 (UTC)

people say you look like mc hammer on crack humpty...

i woke up in a really good mood today and you know why that
was...because i'm back on diet pepsi...yep it lasted less
than 24 hours...good for me and my no willpower. i woke up
because i am still in stitches from this website


honestly, check it out and read through it...it is friggin
hilarious. and as for the title, i was driving in to work
with vicki yesterday and she had this remix on of "humpty
dance" by digital underground and "humpty hump/shock g"
(when i was a kid no one had ever seen them together and
they thought that humpty was an alter ego but i'll digress)
starts going into his description of his dance...

First I limp to the side like my legs was broken
shakin' & twitchin' kinda like I was smokin'
crazy wack funky

and then the next lyric may be the greatest lyric in the
history of rap...

people say "You look like MC Hammer on crack Humpty!"
but no...they bleeped it out...i guess in the new millenium
you can't either a) make fun of MC hammer:p or b) use the
word crack...it makes no sense...i'm gonna go download some
old songs from when i was a kid..."Gas Face", "Humpty
Dance", get the whole Rap Traxx collection :)