The First 9 Months of Our Lives
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2001-10-01 13:57:29 (UTC)

What a MESS!!!

It was set!!! Finally!!! A day when everyone (my roomies,
all 5) would be home and we would all clean the apartment.
Now--for those of you who have read know we're
all in a 1 bedroom (6 people, 2 puppies)...and you think to
yourself--"How hard can a one bedroom apartment be to
clean??" I say to you--...."You couldn't comprehend the
mess we have!" It's horrible! M doesn't understand the
idea of dressers and hangers so his clothes remain in an
ever constant state on the floor--while his mail and bills
have piled up a foot thick on our bar area...MM simply has
a smell to him that can't be put into words...well, it's
not all his fault--He's a clean guy--he just...well, he
drives this old mustang--and the exhaust for some reason
comes up into the carriage part of the car (where people
ride)--that mixed with..he has no air conditioner and heat
also rises into that are of the car....SO, lots of
sweat...makes for a nasty smelling roomate!

He's not only stinky right now---he doesn't know how to use
the restroom without leaving sprinkles for us girls to sit
upon....argg....(Yes we have had talks about this). The
girls shed like dogs....I truly believe it runs in there
family--everytime I go to the "girls" sink it has tons of of them cuts her hair almost everyday and she
can't seem to use the trash can to put her hair in...

The also use all sorts of funky gels and stuff-- it always ends up in teh sink the form of hard liquidish gel...Everyone has a day to clean
the kitchen--it rotates--and sometimes someone will wait 4 days to do
the dishes (gross) and people (who will not admit to it) don't know
how to rinse out there plates or bowls before putting them in the
sink--so there will be some ramen noodles floating with some chili--
with some wrapper someone "accidentally" threw in there...because the
trash can was full (of course no one but husband, and MM ever
take out the trash!!) so when it's full--and we dont' take it
out...then...well, trash starts showing up in the strangest places.

You can imagine how much trash accumulates with 6 people running
around doing there thing...And YES...My husband and I are guilty
too!!! We don't have any, our clothes pile up ontop of
this brown chair we have---pile...pile..pile...and when our dogs chew
a piece of paper up....well, it doesn't always get picked up right
away---hate to admit it...

It's crazy--We were talking on Saturday--and we all agree that we do
pretty good. We don't really fight at all....and we deal with each
others hangups pretty well! But...I'm really glad to be moving out
at the end of this month....

I don't know if I have mentioned this yet or not....Well, I'm going
to write it in another entry because this thing erased everything I
wrote one time when I had written a lot! So...better safe than

Thanks for reading....excuse my griping sesssion...just a look into
my messy life as it stands right now...