Reality Check
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2001-10-01 13:44:25 (UTC)


You know what? i bet i've got the record for getting
grounded the most. I got off Thursday, and I was back on it
Friday. And this time it wasn't even me! Elizabeth was over
and she was smoking in the house. Mom came home and smelt
it. I told her who it was, she made Elizabeth go home, and
then grounded me. Which means that i missed the varsity
football game, and the part at the allie. That's basically
the only part that pissed me off is that I had already
bought the ticket, and i had already made plans with like 2
dozen people...and then i couldn't even call them to tell
them i couldn't go. oh, and i used to get $20 a week, that
covered lunch money, money for clothes, football games...the
whole dealio. now, mom said i'm not getting any money. not
even lunch money. what kind of bullshit is this. that's the
other part that pissed me off. Being grounded doesn't really
effect me that much anymore, cause it's like a way of life
for me now. I am gonna quit smoking though. That's basically
the only thing that's getting me in trouble. that and my
temper. i can only control one. so no more cigarettes for
me. i might smoke one if a friend offers and we're at a party
or something, but that's it. the temper thing, well i can't
lose that. that's like my whole personality, my temper and
attitude. that's why everybody loves me (except my family),
and that's how everybody knows to step off. i've been here
for almost a year and people already know what lines to not
cross. that's how i am. i can't help it. i was raised by my
aunt, not my mother. she was the one that always taught me
to speak my mind, but not to be ignorant about it. that's
what i do. mom always said if you got something to say keep
it to yourself. god, we are so different. and she's been
burnt a lot by men, that's why she's always depressed and in
a shitty mood and everything. but you know what, i have too.
i'm only 14 and i've been hurt worse than she has her whole
life and i still laugh and enjoy life and have fun. i don't
understand why she can't. everybody says i need the therapy,
i think she needs it more than me.