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2001-10-01 13:26:38 (UTC)

Stupid People

Have you ever come across those stupid people that you just
can't make go away? I have. I can never get away from this
one person who thinks I'm his friend but I can't stand him
because he's such an idiot. Aaron doesn't have a clue why
he doesn't have any friends. I do. Because he's a loser and
doesn't know how to take the blame for his own problems. He
always has to try to put them on someone else. He's getting
kicked out of his apartment because he hasn't been paying
his part of the bills, rent and cleaning so he tries to
turn it around and says that his room mates are the ones
that aren't keeping up their part of bills, rent and
cleaning so he can get sympathy from people. Before I go
any further I'll throw in a little background about Aaron.
He is an ex-boyfriend of mine and my dad still thinks he's
an okay guy even though he knows what he did to me. To make
it short, Aaron's an asshole, he doesn't have any sense of
self-respect, he has nothing but negative self-esteem, and
he's an all around lier. In the case of what he did to me,
he cheated on me after spending two years together. He
fucked my best-friend's girlfriend because I wouldn't have
sex with him. The worst part is, I caught him fucking her!
He didn't know Tony and I were at Torrie's house that day
and he didn't see me or Tony walk into the house or open
the bedroom door. I let him finish his business and
confronted him about his lieing and cheating later. When I
did he tried to lie about it and make me believe it wasn't
true. Then when he realized he was caught he tried to cover
it up by accusing me of fucking my best-friend! GROSS!!! I
grew up with Tony, he's like my little brother (he's
younger)! I'd never fuck him! Nasty! On top of everything
else Aaron had been invited to live in my parents house
because he didn't have anywhere else to go. Then he has the
nerve to do that to me! To hell with him. I sent him
packing by dragging all of his shit out of my basement and
piling it into his car front and back seats telling him to
get the fuck out of my house and screaming that I never
wanted to see him again. This happened in October 2000 last
year. And he still pops up out of nowhere trying to be my
friend all the time. ANNOYING!!!!!!! My dad still thinks
he's a good guy and is again helping him move because his
roommates are kicking him out of his apartment. I hope he
learns from his own stupidity, but I doubt he will.

I'm sure there are other girls out there with stories
similar to mine. I'd like to hear them and know that I'm
not the only one. But I doubt I ever will. Plus I have some
really evil ways to get back at boyfriends for lieing and