Date With Destiny
2001-10-01 11:07:25 (UTC)

Thought Power

Monday, October 1, 2001

It is impossible ought power
to work against your own thoughts. Failure results when you
try to think one thing and do another. When you pursue
material success with your actions without focusing your
mind on constant thoughts of abundance, those actions will
not bring you anything of value.
Whatever it is you desire, you must create it in your
thoughts if it is to become a reality. When your thoughts
are genuinely and constantly peaceful, you will experience
real peace. When your thoughts are continually focused on
abundance, you'll live the reality of abundance.

What you focus your thoughts upon is what you will become.
Your efforts will mirror your most genuine and persistent
thoughts. The results you obtain will flow directly from
the thoughts you think.

The rudder does not move the ship, yet its setting
determines precisely where the ship will go. In the same
way, your thoughts directly control where your life will
go. Keep them positive. Keep them in line with your true
desires, and they'll keep your life moving positively ahead.

-- Ralph Marston

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