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2001-10-01 10:45:16 (UTC)

Bon! C'est vrai, mon journal est correct.

Hi! Just checking this is ok. I'm glad I can actually get
this from school, it would be pretty pissannoying if they'd
filtered this site. Anyway I'm going well, I've had 5 free
lessons in all today and the only real lessons I've got are
2 art ones! Ha hargh, oh the fun of attempting to work but
bunking off to the computer room instead. I should prob.
go and finish that blasted history question, it seems to
have a life of its own - as soon as I think I've finished
it, I think of another three points I could bung in.
Anyway I'm going to spend another hour on the phone to Toby
tonight, I get back from this dumb General Studies trip at
8 this eveing and I have an english essay to do too, so
hmmm I should probably be in bed by, say, midnight? two at
the latest. Wahey. *blinks* I should probably do some
work now. Ciao.

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